The Tao of Badass – Josh Pellicer

The ebook on the table today is The Tao of Badass by well known author Joshua Pellicer and the question we need to ask is, does this course really work and will it help you?  Whether you’re just learning to pick up women or you have some experience under your belt (pun intended), I would most certainly say yes.  Stop being unhappy with the type and number of women in your life.  You can easily do something about this.  Start by reading the rest of this article.

Keep reading my Tao of Badass review, when you’re finished you’ll have the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision.  On with the show.

For one thing, this book is super easy to read.  It’s not convoluted, challenging and laced with jargon.  It delivers the message effectively – right to the point.  As you know, most books are one or two chapters with the remainder being filler – this is not the case.  All ten chapters are purposful and play an integral part in helping you become a more rounded and confident man.

The Tao of Badass does more than just help you with dating, but being successful in other areas of life, like with your family, friends and business.  This program can help you improve your confidence and dramatically change your perspective on life and as a result, will see more benefits than just waking up to someone new every other morning.  Don’t get me wrong, having more women in your bed is great… I am just saying you’ll get more than you bargain for.

Let me start by saying chapter two is amazing.  Josh talks about gender roles and to me this was one of the most informative and eye opening chapters.  After I finished reading it, I re-read it.  From there I started thinking about all my experiences and how the masculine and feminine roles and energy play such a crucial role.  A role I never paid any attention to until now.  Definitely grab Josh’s book.  Improving yourself is an important part of life – it’s defnitely worth it.

If you’ll notice a lot of the dating guru’s that talk about confdience, their advice tends to be “just act confident.”  Nobody ever takes the time to explain what confidence is, how it’s formed, and how we become a more confident person.  In The Tao of Badass confidence is deconstructed in an extremely understandable way.  You’ll have no doubts about it after you’re finished reading the chapter  And that’s the goal of the program – clear communication.  The difference between having and not having confidence is night and day.

Now unlike the “be yourself” approach, The Tao of Badass provides a system for you.  Each phase of the system has several steps.  There’s no getting lost here.  Every phase of the attraction model has its purpose and common sticking points are addressed to help you if you’re stuck along the way.  For example, why she’s not qualifying herself even though you think she’s into you.  You’re going to have a lot of “A-Haa” moments… that’s what we’re looking for.

In parallel with confidence, being successful with women has a lot to do with body language.  Or in other words, how you display yourself.  There’s no waiting or sugar coating things, you find out quickly exactly what you need to know to present yourself in the most attractive way possible.  And this isn’t a joke.  Approaching in a self-assured way with excellent posture, slow movement and a dominant voice will yield you substantially better results than approaching in a closed off and quiet manor.

There’s really only one downside, if you want to call it that, to Josh Pellicers The Tao of Badass is that he doesn’t cover humor .  Humor can be very helpful in regards to approaching and meeting new girls.  Don’t worry though, humor is only five percent of it.  The remaining 95% is given to you.  That’s more than enough to be wildly successful with girls.

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